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Frankfurt Christmas Market 2022

Birmingham is hosting again the German Christmas Market also known as Frankfurt Christmas Market, this year it has around 60 stalls where people can enjoy typical German foods, Gluhwein, German beers, hot cholate, wurst, and many more.

The Christmassy iconic market goes from Victoria square and continues along New Street, surrounded by all the shops, it is open from 10 am until 9 pm, so that people can cheer the joyful atmosphere until the 24th of December.

Visiting the market is a must if you are coming to Birmingham, quite easy to reach from New Street Station, just a few minutes walk and you are in the middle of the market, on the right or the left, you can right away smell either wurst or chocolate, people gathering around beer stalls and enjoy each other company.

Plenty of choices we have been given, crepes and waffles, hot chocolate, German burgers topped with Hollandaise sauce, vegan sausage, and last but not least, the £8 half-meter bratwurst with a £25.50 for a beer. Wow and Yummy, is it worth it? Your choice, just come and enjoy the market.

Obviously, it won’t have the feeling to be in Germany, but it is quite close to the right atmosphere. 


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